How often are you inspecting your property ?

Most of the homeowner don’t have their homes or apartment inspected unless the property is about to go on the market and Maintenance Inspection are not a thing yet.
Unfortunately, the lake of continuous ´survey´ can sometimes end up being very costly.

Leaks, Termites, Roof abnormal deterioration, Moisture, WDO, Foundation settlement, can damage the structure of a house very quickly while they are unnoticed.
Which is why a routine annual home inspections can help prevent major issues from developing or stay unnoticed. This is why it is essential to inspect a house regularly.

A home inspection costs some money, but it is a small price to pay to protect your investment.
A professional home inspection can help you detect damages and help you to prevent more severe structural damages.

Whether you live in a newly built house or one that has seen a few decades already, the importance of regular home inspections cannot be underestimated.

New House

After your "11 months inspection", we recommend to have an inspection every
3 years

6 to 10 years old house

We recommend an inspection every 
2 years

10 years and more

We recommend to have your property inspected
every year. 

What do we Look at during a Maintenance House Inspection?

The examination will analyze the following systems:

Heating and cooling
Windows and doors
Flooring, walls, and ceiling
Crawl spaces

However, you should know that this type of house inspection will only give some insight into your home’s overall condition and Hidden problems such as mold growth, pest infestation, or issues with underground structures like your wells and septic tanks require extra inspections by industry professionals.

On average, a home inspection takes about 3 hours to complete. Inspection reports often take about 24 hours to be delivered.