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Buyer, Seller or Homeowner ?
A professional home inspection
 is an invaluable resource.
Our inspector will provide you with a detailed report of the house’s condition.

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Home Buyer Inspection
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A home inspection should be at the top of the list of things you need to get done when your offer just got accepted.
During your option period you have the opportunity to have a TREC licensed professional home inspector perform your home inspection before you fully commit to your future house.
AC, Plumbing, Electrical, Roof and other components, d
on't be afraid of the unknown and get all the information you need.

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Pre-owned home, New Construction, Phases Inspection or Investor,
We provide you with a home inspection services that suit your needs.

Home Buyer Inspection

A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home from the foundation to the roof. 

During your option period you have the opportunity to have a TREC licensed home inspector perform your home inspection before you fully commit to your future house.

Following The Texas Real Estate Commission requirements our certified home inspector will cover the components of each major system of the home. This guarantees you have a thorough inspection.

Maintenance / Yearly
Home Inspection

An Annual Home Inspection is the same as having your Car services on a regular basis. 
When you bought your house you certainly had a home inspection performed — but have you thought about having your current home inspected outside of the buying or selling process on a regular basic ?  

An annual home inspection gives you the information you need to prevent small problems from becoming large and costly to repair.
A professional home inspector can identify the signs of wood destroying insects, minor water leaks, signs of a shifting foundation, a leaky roof or an appliance or HVAC in need of maintenance before you will -
 helping you proactively head off large, complicated, costly repairs down the road.

11 months New home warranty inspection

Unfortunately, no house is perfect and problems can appear due to builder error, materials, natural settling of the house, and new construction can have significant defects.

An 11-month warranty inspection is a full home inspection.

The inspector will provide you with all the visually-available information you need about the state of your home at the time of the inspection.

Timing is important, and you want to complete it while you still have at least 1 month left to make any necessary claims on your builder’s warranty before it expires. 

Pre-Linsting INspection

A pre-listing home inspection provides a useful state of your home’s condition through the eyes of a third party.

It gives you the information you need to make repairs and identify items that will likely be called out by your 
buyer’s inspector, avoiding surprises that could potentially slow the sale of your home and lower your sell price.

New construction 
phases inspection

Phase 1: Pre-Pour Inspection takes place before the concrete slab is poured.

Phase 2: Pre-Drywall Inspection is completed after the house is framed and before the insulation and walls are put in.

Phase 3: Final Inspection takes place once the home is completed, before the final builder walk-through

Investor Home inspection 

If you are purchasing homes has a rental investment or to flip them,  hidden damage or major issues that were not addressed can be really expensive to fix. 
You want to make sure before investing on a property.